Extension Springs

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An extension spring comes with a build-in load, called initial tension. An extension spring is a wire spring that reacts to forces pulling the ends apart and physically extending in shape, trying to offer resistance and return to its close coiled shape.

Extension springs can be manufactured to accommodate different loads, applications, or specific conditions by varying the size of the coil, the size of the wire, the length of the spring or even the size, shape and position of the ends (i.e. inside hooks or outside hooks).
Making the ends of springs bear a definite relation "α" to each other is important to assure perfect assembly.

Wire diameter range

From 0.4 mm to 2.50 mm.

Surface finish

Our springs come in a variety of surface finishes from bluing to clear or yellow zinc electroplating, electrolytic nickel, powder coating and zinc phosphate coating always executed by specialized subcontractors.