Compression Springs

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Helical compression springs come in a variety of configurations, with constant or variable pitch, and closed or open ends that are either ground or not ground.
The bodies of these springs can be either of a constant diameter, conical, barrel, hourglass or some combination of these configurations.

Our company has been investing in equipment and quality for years and is now in a position to meet even the most demanding and unusual spring size and load requirements. There is no engineering need we cannot meet.

Wire diameter range

From 0.15 mm to 4.50 mm.

Finishing services

At the end of the manufacturing and stress relief cycles, clients require different and very specific types of treatments in order to improve spring performance. Terminal coil grinding, spring setting, internal and external tumbling, shot peen and vibration are the most common ones.

Surface finish

Our springs come in a variety of surface finishes from bluing to clear or yellow zinc electroplating, electrolytic nickel, powder coating and zinc phosphate coating always executed by specialized subcontractors.