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azienda "The Iron Path" is the name people in the trade call Valle Trompia. From the iron ores in the north, to the old smelting furnaces and water-powered workshops of the south, a complete "production chain" made of small and medium sized operations connects the valley from one end to the other.

Here the Lancelotti family has been living for generations perfectly in tune with the traditions and the products of the valley. In the 70s they decided to start a family business focused on a product with many applications: springs.

azienda Mollificio Antonioli Calzoni was formed in Gardone V.T. in 1974 and immediately specialized in the production of small to medium-sized springs - a perfect fit for the gun making industry. Combining the experience gathered over many years of working in the industry with substantial investments in precision CNC machinery, Mollificio Antonioli Calzoni quickly became a leading supplier to a wide range of clients.

In 1999 the company earned the UNI EN ISO 9002 Quality and System Certification. Immediately thereafter, control was passed to the new generation of the family. The company was re-formed under the name Mollificio Brescia srl, in keeping with its mission of being a technology driven company.

Today the quality and engineering team at Mollificio Brescia offers the most advanced spring technology in the industry.

Extremely tested production cycles guarantee only the best quality is delivered. Specialists in design, materials and new applications, Mollificio Brescia provides a wide range of engineering services enabling them to integrate with client's product development cycles.